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There has been a ton of buzz lately around “side hustles.” If you are unfamiliar with the term, a side hustle is anything you can do outside of your nine to five to make some more cash. Having an additional revenue stream is an incredibly easy way to put more money into retirement, save for vacation, or sustainably live a lifestyle you want. No matter what you want more money for, you’re going to have to work to get it. The list below hits a few easy side hustles to get you started as soon as today.


Do you have an extra room or couch that you’d be comfortable renting out to people needing a place to crash? Look no further. Sign up for AirBnB and put your extra room or couch up for rent. Then, all you have to do is wait and, of course, be an excellent host. The more positive experiences you provide, the more people (and money) you’ll bring it. It’s a no brainer.


Start a freelancing gig. If you are a great writer, understand web development, or even have some graphic art training, you can easily freelance your services out to people in need. Things like content development and design often are skills that smaller companies are more willing to seek out freelancers as needed rather than having a salaried employee. This works out perfectly for someone looking for a side hustle. You can accept work as you want it and take on projects that you’re comfortable with.


Piggybacking off of freelancing, signing up for fiverr is an excellent way to introduce yourself into the world of freelance. Fiverr is a platform that will put you in front of potential customers. If you have a service to provide that you can churn out relatively quickly, fiverr is the place for you. You’ll start out only being able to charge five dollars per project. As you provide consistent, quality services, you can become a higher level seller and start making more money! Either way, this is a great start for anyone looking to bring in extra cash without the legwork of finding clients yourself.


Are you good with your hands? If so, take advantage of it! There are plenty of people who are not as handy as you are. Things like putting together boxed furniture, hanging shelving, or even making household repairs do not come naturally to others. Start charging people in your neighborhood for doing this tasks. There’s always something to be fixed. Get out there and find it!


Everyone has one particular subject matter that they excel in. These can be the traditional subjects like math and english, or something a little more nuanced, such as, general computer use or editing software. No matter what you are a master in, there are people out there without the knowhow. These people are willing to pay someone to spend one on one time assisting them in passing a test or accruing more knowledge. Put yourself out there to see if anyone needs help or seek out a tutoring service to work for. No matter what route you go, someone will be happy to pay for your expertise.

Flipping Domain Names

Domain flipping used to be much more profitable back in the early days of the internet, but there is still a market to make some cash. Flipping domain names is a simple process. Search for catchy domain names you think people will want for their future business or idea – then wait. When an individual goes to buy the domain name for their new website and see it is taken, you might just receive an email with an offer to buy it from you. This side hustle takes a little more patience and is a bit of a gamble, but the payout can be substantial.