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As a career-oriented student, you know your education is not the only thing you need to focus on. In order to stand out in the job pool, you’ll need start beefing up your resume as soon as possible. Not only will extracurriculars look good on a resume, they will give you valuable experiences. The list below highlights some of the best extracurriculars for finance majors who are looking to gain skills and try new experiences.

Work Experience/Internships

Summer internships are an excellent way to make connections and gain valuable work experience. The job market is extremely competitive and a lot of entry level positions require some sort of prior work experience. To gain a leg up, take on a few internships throughout your career. You will have experiences to refer to in interviews and the knowledge to speak about the industry.

Student Senate

Student senate is an awesome way to get involved. You will make changes on your college campus, have leadership responsibilities, and get the chance to organize some pretty cool events! Plus, the camaraderie within the student senate in unparalleled. You’ll make new friends, open new doors, and have fun while doing so.

Intramural sports

Intramurals are fun and also develop valuable skills whether you realize it or not. Through team sports, you earn a sense of camaraderie and leadership. It takes a lot to gel as a team and come together to win.


Tutoring shows a lot of initiative and also gives you the chance to further hone your skills. In order to be an effective tutor you need impressive time management skills, be able to give constructive feedback, and know the subject inside and out. Providing further assistance to other students allows you to think about the material in a multitude of different ways in order to get key points across to learners of all types.

Community Service

Community service is another great addition to the resume, but it also benefits the community you are a part of at large. Whether you are helping the elderly, cleaning up highway trash, or volunteering in a shelter – you are giving back to the community. This will help you in a job interview because employers know how valuable your time is. If you are able to balance school, extracurriculars and still find time to volunteer, you have excellent time management skills and care about the community you live in.