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 Justin Furnari is an aspiring finance professional in East Lansing, Michigan.

His background in private equity and real estate, combined with an affinity for networking and professional growth, has made him uniquely equipped for leadership roles both on and off campus.

Justin knew he wanted to get involved in finance from a young age. He opened up his first brokerage account at age eighteen and slowly began familiarizing himself with trading. By the time he began his undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, Justin had decided to pursue a career in investment banking, and he quickly began to immerse himself in campus organizations so that he could make his goal a reality.

Justin is currently a member of two finance organizations: the Michigan State University Finance Association(FA) and the Michigan State University Student Investment Association(SIA). Within the organizations, Justin participates in regular discussions about macro-finance and equity analysis, as well as personal career growth in the sector. Within the latter organization, Justin has worked his way up to secure a spot on the executive board; he was recently named MSU SIA’s Director of Business Development. As director, Justin will be implementing a mentorship program, where younger students are matched with seniors with relevant work experience. Also, he will new responsible for the screening and acquisition of new members, among many other responsibilities. The organization manages a real money small-cap value fund of $28,000.

Prior to his current roles within campus organizations, Justin completed an online internship for Zolio Inc., during which time he managed and diversified a virtual portfolio of $1 million. Through Zolio, Justin learned how to trade and value equities while competing within a group of interns to see who could generate the highest return. He analyzed company’s potential and risk using EDGAR Database, press releases, Motley Fool, TheStreet, SeekingAlpha, Morningstar, and The Wall Street Journal.

This summer Justin will intern as an analyst for ValStone Partners. He will work within a team of private equity professionals and receive firsthand experience in buy-side transactions on behalf of the firm. He will evaluate potential deals, manage the transaction process, create financial valuations, and perform financial, legal, operational, and managerial due diligence. He will assist in making recommendations to managing directors, execute transactions, and participate in managing portfolio investments.


In addition to his internship this summer, Justin is currently enrolled in Adventis CG’s Financial Modeling Certification Program, which allows him to build a three-statement, fully circular, and properly formatted financial model from “scratch.” He hopes to complete his certification in the fall. Justin is always looking for ways to supplement his undergraduate experience, learn new things, and gain the hands-on skills he will need to enter and succeed in the finance industry once he earns his degree.

Justin Furnari continues to make the most of his education and to grow his professional experience in the financial sector.

As an analyst this summer, he will be evaluating potential deals, managing the transaction process, creating financial valuations, and performing financial, legal, operational, and managerial due diligence. He will assist in making recommendations to managing directors, executing transactions, and be participating in the management of the investments in ValStone’s portfolio. In the meantime, he regularly keeps up with financial news publications and is always open to insights from others within the field. In the future, he hopes to complete his MBA from one of the top five business schools in the country, as well as his CFA.